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Unlike clipping path image masking services are quite different in terms of the functionality. Where the clipping path service is applicable to the items that are sharp edged and solid in substance, the Photoshop image masking services are useful to the items with fuzzy, translucent, and irregular edges. 

E-commerce product photos often require image masking services as it isolates the targeted objects with hairy edges just perfectly. Salable objects like a hairy doll, woolen clothes, and translucent apparel require image masking service to extract and replace on a different background. 

So, if you are a product photographer shooting for e-commerce or online shops or a fashion photographer requires background manipulation, photo masking services can be of great help to you.

What is an image masking service?

Image masking services or photo masking services are the complex techniques of separating objects with irregular edges from their backgrounds without losing even a single detail. 

Photographic subjects that have hairy portions included in it cannot be separated from the background using the clipping path technique in Photoshop. If the operation is executed through the clipping path technique, then it loses certain details and therefore, corrupts the charm of the photos.

Photoshop Image masking service marks the subjects’ outlines clearly even if they are hard to differentiate and extracts them for further use. 

The objects are paced into different layers and then used according to the demand of the situation.

Who can use the best image masking services online?

From the professional photographers to simple online retailers, everyone can use image masking services if they want to make their product photos look outstanding. 

However, the following professionals can use the images masking services from a reputed image masking service provider company for scalable business growths and brand recognition:

  • Image studios
  • Online product photographers
  • Printing corporations
  • Online magazine publications
  • E-stores
  • Modeling firms
  • Fashion industries
  • Digital advertising corporations

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Merits of using clipping mask online:

Clipping mask or image masking keeps the entire subject intact and it presents the salable items to the buyers undisturbed. Therefore, the buyers get a positive impression regarding the products and become eager to buying other products from the same store.

So, it eventually increases the conversion rate of the online shops benefitting the businessmen financially.

Moreover, it keeps the edges of the products original which adds relevancy to the products. It serves a good purpose for the brand recognition of the store and customers tend to revisit the store frequently or whenever they feel the urge. 

Furthermore, if considered from the perspective of the professional photographers, the clients become happier if they perfectly trimmed and modified images fitted to the context with 100% accuracy. So, getting things right can be a viable criterion that may draw the thin line between success and failure at the professional level as a photographer.

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First of all, we are true to the quality you deserve. Our highly capable and trained photo designers can understand your slightest instruction and deliver the highest output that will strengthen your business opportunity.

We work around the clock so that you get your products before the deadline. But while ensuring a quicker delivery, we don’t compromise the visual appeal of your valuable products.

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Our trained operation team will help you with any queries that you may have regarding our services. They are professional and available 24/7. So, you will find it satisfactory in communicating with them. 

We respect our customers and give priority to their privacy. Your information is secure and safe with us.

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