Ghost Mannequin & Neck Joint Services

The era of mannequins for displaying apparel products is now vanishing as physical stores are being replaced by the virtual ones. And with that, the importance of user-friendly product photos is increasing. Customers now prefer apparel products’ photos in plain sight and without any dummies. Therefore, professional photographers, as well as e-commerce store owners, display clothing items’ photos in hollow shape which is only possible by the best neck joint services.

With the development of the neck joint services, a vital segment associated with it is ghost mannequin service. Together, they make an apparel product’s photo look more soothing to the buyers’ eyes.

Inspired by most of the successful online garment shops, the e-commerce dealers are now replacing their old photos with the new trends.

Regardless to say, neck joint service is an inseparable option concerned with the ghost mannequin service. Here, the ghost mannequin service makes the visible dummies vanish while the neck joint service rebuilds the missing parts hidden behind the mannequin while photographing for online use.

What is a neck joint service?

When a professional apparel product photographer takes the pictures of an item for an online store he/she uses four basic methods.

  1. Flat laying
  2. Using cloth hangers
  3. Mannequin or dummy
  4. Live models

But except for the mannequin or dummy, all other techniques are old fashioned or expensive. Moreover, selecting and contacting a model for photographing is way too costly for average e-commerce store owners.

That’s why most of the professionals use the third option which is using convenient mannequins or dummies for displaying clothes and photographing it for further use.

But there is a drawback. Mannequin makes some parts of the cloth invisible which customers don’t like when shopping online.

Professional image editors use sophisticated digital tools to make the mannequins vanish and then work around the invisible parts to rebuild like the genuine one. This is what we call neck joint service. In this case, you have to provide the sample image as what the hidden parts look like and then the editors can merge them into the working areas.

Why applying neck joint service?

The first reason why you should use a neck joint service is the ever-growing demand from the side of the customers who prefer clothing items only when buying. They don’t like distractions. Mannequins are reported to create distractions. And so, removing mannequin using the ghost mannequin service is crucial in ensuring a good business environment. Likewise, when mannequins are removed from the images, neck joint service is required to show the parts hidden behind it.

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Moreover, customer like options. When you display clothing items in a hollow shape, the customers can fit themselves into it if necessary. They can set an image of themselves wearing it which helps them decide if it is suitable for them or not. Thus it becomes more customer-friendly and in this present market, where the competition is huge, you cannot risk avoiding it.

The modern technology is offering a chance for us to become smart. And with the help of the same technology, we can satisfy what our customers want from us.

Why choosing our company can be beneficial for your business?

Online business is highly dependent on the quality of the photos. If you cannot ensure the highest quality and relevancy of the photos you will fail to gain the trust of your customers. In our company, we pay full attention to the assurance of the quality.

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