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Fix Clipping is a world-class pre-press graphics design house. Our client includes newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies and printing & publishing companies around the world, providing clipping path, Photoshop masking, drop shadow, retouching and other image editing services.

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What's Clipping Path?

Clipping path is an easy way to give your artwork a fresh new look. You can use it for anything from cropping images, removing white backgrounds in photos or adding shadows and shapes on top of other layers.It is the process of creating a vector path or shape that can be used to create a 2D image using Photoshop’s pen tool. 

We will make a clean cut of your object. Our team includes 100+ highly-skilled designers. Our image editing services will allow you to spend more time growing your business.

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What does a clipping path do?

If you’re looking to add some artistic flair or just need the perfect text for your project then a clipping path is an ideal technique. You can cut and merge different elements of an image in order to place them anywhere else on another photo. This is great for adding text to images or logos.

Photoshop clipping path is often used for graphic design. It allows you to control the appearance and location of text, graphics, and photos. Clipping path can be used to create interesting photos, silhouettes, or frame-worthy images by making some clever adjustments.

You can also use Photoshop’s clipping path to remove background or modify the original artwork before printing.

What's the clipping path Photoshop service?

Photoshop’s Clipping Path service allows you to find and cut out images from a background. Photoshop’s Clipping Path service includes all of the work required to separate and extract images and photos. Clipping Path allows you to set different transparency levels for the background surrounding the object.

Photoshop’s clipping path service is one of its most powerful features. Designers, photographers, and others can create images that meet their specific needs with the Clipping Path Service. The Photoshop pen tool removes any unwanted background from the final image with high accuracy.

About Fix Clipping

Fix Clipping is one of the leading digital photo editing and retouching company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Powered by a vast team of experienced graphic designers and with over ten years of industry knowledge and practical exposure to High-end Image Editing & Retouching, we are utilizing high-tech media to ensure flawless image editing experiences for all our clients worldwide. We have highly trained and well-experienced photo editors and graphic designers to meet even your most complex criteria within the fastest turnaround.

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